Participants who enlist and pay the whole amount for participating in the spring edition of the exhibition from march 23 till march 27th 2016, will receive 10 % discount.

At the spring exhibition we will present many new companies and proposals with the emphasis on „THE SPRING REPAIRMENTS“. You will find the newest and the most affordable products and services for the repairment of your home or office, starting with the raw repairment actions and reaching to isolation, the flooring, interior doors, windows, paints, lamps and furnitures.


This autumn for the first time together with Stroiko we organize a specialized real estate area. All of the below mentioned could benefit from participation: 

Property Developers - here you can promote and sell your developments direct to the specially selected buyers who will be personally invited to this professional event.

International Real Estate Agents - promote yourselves directly to this affluent market segment meeting with prospective buyers in a calm and professional atmosphere.

Banks/ International Financial Advisers - buyers will require professional assistance for payments and receipts.

Letting & Relocation Agents - establish your services on this fast growing market.

Tourist Offices - to meet interested companies and to be able to relay this information/interest to local suppliers.

Municipal/City Tourism Offices - to ensure that their Cities are well promoted and sold on this lucrative market.

Airlines - to support International property developers and to encourage use of their National airline.

Together with all this the autumn exhibition will offer a big variety of new products and servises in many different areas – furnitures, energy efficiency and renewable energy, constructing and many others.


Here are some of the accents of the spring 44-th exhibition: This is new, this is unique and it’s in the first place in the world…… and now it’s in Bulgaria – the presious stone in our interior. This year for the first time for the bulgarian marketPAPADOPULOS AND SON company presents it’s unique collection PRESIOUS SUPREME STONES. The presious stones have the power to bring positive energy to every enviroment, to create harmony between the spaceq the mindq the body and the soul. At our stand we will show  Green Agate, Tigre’s Eye, Smoky quartz with Swarovski crystals, Hematoid Quartz, Brown petrified wood, Sodalite with silver.


MAGIC PAINT is a new product for the bulgarian market, a white board of a new generation. This is a paint, on top of which you can write with markers, which are very easy to wipe out with a microfiber towel.. The idea is that places like walls, desks, doors and tables could very easily be transformed into places for writing ans sharing ideas. No specific maintenance is required, and it is very easy to do the painting yourself. The MAGIC PAINT is an exceptional  interior addition for the office, the conference hall or the house. It allows every team to freely express it’s ideas on a large area without limits.. This paint gives the kids the opportunity to draw without worries and develop their creativity.. The MAGIC PAINT transforms every room into a creative and innovative space, where everybody can unlock it’s potential.


NiN IMPERIAL is the official representative of of the product TIRAMISU for Bulgaria. TIRAMISU is an innovative system for leveling of all kinds of tiles. Besides that it fixes the fugue in the desired milimetersq it also levels the tiles throughout  nuts.  The uniqueness of the product consists  in the easy and quick usage, which allows not only proffesionals, but the beginners also to use it. Nice surprise is the low cost of the product. The nuts are for multiple use. It’s made of high quality material. You can use it for walls and ceilings. It is irreplacable in the installation of large areas. The final result is always perfect.

SPA CONSULT LTD is one of the first bulgarian companies  specialized in the whole completion of SPA and WELLNESS. Through our partners of the german company AGROB BUCHTAL we have new items in the products for the pools equipment guaranteeing the use of high quality technology when buildiong public and private pools.

There are innovations in the design, progecting and the buildind of steam baths in a modern and yet elegant design with direct print of images or motives on glass. Everything is with integrated indirect  lighting, providing style, comfort and quality for our customers.

For a parent there is no greater pleasute then decorating the kid’s room, that’s why every step we make for our children contributes for their happiness. RENGARENK embodies the children’s world of furnitures. These furnitures which are suitables for babies, kids and youths are colourfull, fun, and broadcast joy and emotion – following the kid’s dreams. Each of the models accompanies our children from babies, going through the colourfull childhood, to the youth age, and they are completely addapted to the needs of every age.