June 2 - 6, 2021

every day from 10:00 to 19:00


National Palace of Culture

STROIKO EXPO is a specialized international exhibition for architecture, construction and furnishing, held in Bulgaria since 1993.

It is held twice a year - spring and autumn in Sofia, at the National Palace of Culture.

STROIKO EXPO has been present for 27 years and is a significant factor on the construction market in the country. The motto of the exhibition "For a better Bulgaria" is more relevant today than ever.


53 exhibitions held

over 35,000 company participations

over 3,000,000 visitors


The biggest specialized exhibition for architecture, construction and furniture STROIKO EXPO will be held from 21 to 25 April 2021 at the National Palace of Culture. The team of the exhibition is actively working on the preparation of the spring 54th edition. Recording has already started. All agreed partnerships and accents in the accompanying program are preserved.


The next EXPO starts after:


Photos from STROIKO EXPO

STROIKO 2000 is the registered trademark of the STROIKO exhibition. It was founded in 1993 and is the first specialized exhibition for architecture, construction and furniture in Bulgaria. STROYKO is held twice a year - spring and autumn. It takes place from Wednesday to Sunday. The dates for the following years are published on the website of the exhibition.

t is estimated that about 10,000 people visit the exhibition daily. The net exhibition area is about 5,000 square meters inside the building.
The number of exhibitors in recent years is over 250 - traders and manufacturers.
Well-known world manufacturers and brands are at the exhibition - from Europe, USA, Russia, Asia, but most are represented by Bulgarian companies.

The electronic catalog is published in Bulgarian and English at the request of the exhibitors. You can find a list of exhibitors and their data on our website www.stroiko.eu.

Regardless of whether the company is registered in a Member State of the European Union or outside it, if the applicant company is a registered taxable person as defined in the VAT Act, the participation is not subject to VAT.

Additional storage and arrangement tops can be added. They are made of the same elements as the stand construction and are included in the price. The additional equipment, which is paid extra, is described in the Application-Contract.

No. You can order inscriptions and other graphics separately. The clear dimensions of the friezes are 95 x 21 cm, 95 x 31 cm, and 194 x 21 cm, 194 x 31 cm, and on the walls - 95 x 244 cm or 95 x 194 cm. You can find additional information and prices on our website.
The arrangement of the goods and the layout of the stands must be done in such a way that the stand construction is not damaged. Drilling, paint and glue are not allowed.

Those companies that want to do something special rent an indoor area without a stand and order the construction from a specialized company or make it themselves. In this case, power supply is ordered (item 2.1 in the Order-Contract).

The general limit is 2.50 meters high. In some places the ceiling is 2.30 meters, in which case you will receive additional information. Higher accents can be made if they do not interfere with the neighboring stands. It is advisable to coordinate the project with us.