Our story


STROIKO EXPO is the largest trade fair for architecture, construction and furnishing in Bulgaria since 1993. For more than 25 years, STROIKO has been present and is a significant factor in the construction market in Bulgaria. The location of the National palace of culture is ideal and easily accessible to a very large flow of visitors.  According to our calculations, an average of about 6,000 visitors passes through the exhibition every day.
Hundreds of Bulgarian and foreign companies present their new products and services. The exhibition is designed to meet the needs of potential business partners, investors, professionals, as well as end users. The goods, products and services cover the entire spectrum of the industry. From research, to design and investment, in rough construction, finishes and furnishings to the smallest details of the interior, exterior and landscaping. In general, the whole variety of the exposed goods can be divided into two groups – items for final use and those that are used in the construction process. The exhibition shows new products and techniques, many environmental and energy-saving technologies and solutions for the construction industry.
STROIKO EXPO has existed as such a successful organization for 25 years because of its fair and exceptionally broad coverage and public benefit.


The National Palace of Culture – Congress Centre Sofia (NDK) is the largest multifunctional complex in Southeastern Europe.
The Palace was officially opened in 1981 to mark 1300 years since the founding of the Bulgarian state. It was designed to host a wide range of events such as international conventions, official meetings, conferences, symposia, discussion panels, exhibitions, festivals, concerts. In 2018 the building was a host of the Bulgarian presidency of the council of the European Union. The Palace is located in downtown Sofia and is surrounded by a park area.
The main building was designed by arch. Alexander Barov and his team of architects, and the design of the surrounding areas is the work of arch. Atanas Agura and team. The park area was designed by landscape architect Valentina Atanassova.