Frequently asked questions

1. What is STROIKO?
Stroiko 2000 is the registered trade mark of the Stroiko exhibition. It was founded in 1993 as the first specialized exhibition for architecture, building and furnishing in Bulgaria. Stroiko is conducted twice a year – in spring and autumn. It is held from Wednesday to Sunday. The dates for the next exhibitions can be found in web site of the exhibition.

2 . How many are the visitors, how large is the exhibition area, how many exhibitors participate and from what countries?
The estimate number of visitors is around 10,000 daily.The net stand area is about 5,000 sq. m. inside the building.
The number of exhibitors in the last years is over 250, traders and producers.
The origin of goods is very wide – Europe, USA, Russia, Asia, but mostly represented by Bulgarian companies. Most of the well known producers and trade marks are here.

3. In what language is the Catalogue?
The catalogue is published in Bulgarian and in English according to the desire of the exhibitors. The list of participants in the last exhibition and their contact information can be found on www.stroiko2000.com in our catalog page.

4. Do you charge VAT / are foreign companies supposed to pay VAT ?
Nevertheless if the company is registered in a country – member of the European Union or not, if the company is registered tax obliged entity, no VAT is charged.

5. Are there additional fees?
No additional fees are taken except the ones specified in the Application-Contract. The prices are for the whole period of the exhibition.

6. Is there a problem to bring bulk and heavy samples to the exhibition?
There are limitations for bulk and heavy samples, including the open area. Please, consult us before bringing such samples. Due to the multilevel character of the building, elevators are used for vertical transportation. The doors of the lifts are 108 cm wide and 199 cm high, depth is 245 cm.

7. Can a stand be shared by two or more related companies?
There are no special terms for group organizers. We do not object if a participant lets other companies to stay in an already rented stand. So, even a group shares a stand, we view it as one Participant and deal with only one company. In such a case we permit all the companies to give their information for the catalogue.

8. How soon can the companies apply for participation at the exhibition?
The companies which wish to participate in the exhibition can apply for a specific space right after the end of the previous exhibition. When an early payment is made – 2 months before the beginning of the exhibition a 10 % discount is granted.

9. What does a standard ready-to-use stand include?
A ready-to-use stand includes white walls (OCTANORM type construction system), white front fascia, lighting, and table (70x70x70h cm) and two plastic chairs.

10. Is the carpet included in the ready-to-use stand?
We build the standard stands directly on the existing floor which is different for the different halls – ceramic tiles, carpet, or parquet.

11. What other elements could be added to the ready-to-use stand?
Some elements like a store room and/or horizontal panels may be added. They will be made from the stand construction used and are included in the price. The items that require additional payment may be found in the Application-Contract. The project, however, must be coordinated with us.

12. Is the sign on the front fascia included in the price?
No. No signs or graphics are included in the price of the standard stand. You can order them separately. The sizes of front fascia are 95 x 21 cm, 95 x 31 cm, and 194 x 21 cm, 194 x 31 cm. Signs could be made also for the walls of the stand. It is forbidden to paint, glue, or drill the construction. The signs should be put in such a manner that doesn’t harm the panels. Further information and prices could be found on our website.
The arranging of goods and the decoration of the stand should be done in such a way not to harm the rented stand elements. Drilling, painting and gluing are strongly prohibited.

13. What if I need a more complicated stand than your standard offer?
Those who needs something more special take the space-only option and order their stands to some of specialized firms or do them by themselves. In this case you need to order electric connection (2.2 in the Application-Contract).

14. Are there any limitations if we build the stand ourselves?
The common limitation is 2.5 meters in height. However, in some places the ceiling is 2.3 m high in which case you will receive additional information. Higher accents are allowed in a way that does not arouse the objections of the neighboring stands. It is advised to coordinate the project of the stand with us.

15. If I have chosen the space-only option, can I rent additional equipment?
In principle it is possible but it is better to plan everything necessary for your work in your stand solution.

16. Can we participate without any stand construction?
Yes. Whether to have a construction or not is up to you. When you choose the space-only option, it is assumed that you or another company will build the stand. You can even decide that you can arrange your space without any construction. In this case we can illuminate the space (2.2 in the Application-Contract).

17. What does a Stand group № mean?
There are no separate numbers for the stands and pavilions. Several neighboring stands are numbered as “Stand group” so it will be easier to find at the floor scheme. The first number always indicates the floor number. To the left (east) when you enter are the odd numbers and to the right – the even.

18. What are the exhibition’s working hours, visitors’ hours, and the hours for arranging and clearing of the exhibits?
Participants’ working hours are from 9.30 h till 19.30 h. Visitors open hours are from 10.00 h till 19.00 h. The arranging of goods before the exhibition and the their caring away after the end of the exhibition are conducted according to a schedule and working hours which the organizers announce in written form to the exhibitors 30 days before the beginning of the exhibition.

19. What about the parking?
In the days and hours for arranging and clearing of the exhibits a car can stay free of charge at the parking lot of the National Palace of Culture for 1 hour, delivery van – 2 hours, truck – 3 hours. You will be issued a special passes for your vehicles. Overstay is paid by the parking lot’s price rates. During the exhibition itself the parking is not free of charge.